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भूभौतिकीय अन्वेषण उपकरण हाइड्रोफोन HJ-8-5 / 14/350 प्रकार

भूभौतिकीय अन्वेषण उपकरण हाइड्रोफोन HJ-8-5 / 14/350 प्रकार

Geophysical exploration Equipment Hydrophone HJ-8-5/14/350 type

उत्पाद विवरण:

Place of Origin: China
ब्रांड नाम: GUANGDA
Model Number: According to the specifications

भुगतान & नौवहन नियमों:

Minimum Order Quantity: 2 pieces
मूल्य: negotiation
Packaging Details: Carton (the size is determined by the number of purchases)
Delivery Time: The decision by the purchase quantity, generally for 5 days after receipt of payment
Payment Terms: FOB
Supply Ability: 10000
अब से संपर्क करें
विस्तृत उत्पाद विवरण

Underwater Hydrophone HJ-8-5/14/350 type low frequency piezoelectric detector Fast detailed description: In order to make up for the general piezoelectric detector in the low frequency (2-10HZ) cannot be insufficient range pickup signal, the company developed a new type HJ-8-5/14/350 low frequency piezoelectric detector. At the same time, it company has maintained the traditional piezoelectric detector sensitivity high, reliable work, long service life, good water tightness,

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China Exploration Instrument Online Market
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